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Purpose of the company

Represented in performing the whole business concerning and related with projects of building, housing, tourism, constructive development, investment and industrial projects. For achieving this purpose for the company, performing the following:-
  • Building the real estates in its different types and levels, its possession, possessing the units or its leasing and administrative housing including theatres, cinemas, hospitals, schools, sporting and entertaining buildings, markets and garages.
  • Purchasing and possessing the lands, its dividing and providing them with the necessary utilities on the purpose of selling and building.
  • Possessing, leasing and management of the administrative and housing compounds and maintenance of the buildings erected by the company and erected by the others.
  • Establishing the housing cities, resorting cities and tourist villages or participating in its establishment.
  • Contracting business in its different types - Erecting buildings of the factories and workshops.
  • Export and import for materials and necessities of building and industrial projects and accepting the commercial agencies in the limits of purpose of the company.

About Us

Arab Development Investment company – ALICO –(Egyptian shareholding company) was established in accordance with rules of the law No. 159 of 1981 by issuing law of shareholding companies, shares liability companies, limited liability companies and its executive regulation taking into consideration rules of the law No. 95 of 1992 by issuing finance market law and its executive regulation. That is on 17/6/1991.
Registered in the commercial registry with No. 16951 south of Cairo dated 17/6/1991.